Contract date

17.10.1997 – 25.04.1999


Pendik & Ikitelli, Istanbul – Turkey


Republic of Turkey Ministry of Government

Project Size

40.000 m2

Scope of Work

Turn Key Contracting

Project Details

As the completing elements of two biggest immigrant house projects in Istanbul located in both sides of the city, Pendik and Ikitelli, the following social service building constructions and landscape elements were built in less then 2 years by Basar Construction: Pendik Kurtkoy Village Clinic on 1200 m2;Pendik Kurtkoy 75. Yıl Mesut Yilmaz Primary School with 30 classes on 8400 m2 having a capacity of 900 students. Ikitelli Village Clinic on 1200 m2. Ikitelli Prof. Dr. Ahat Andican Primary School with 16 class on 5400 m2 having a capacity of 450 students. Ikitelli Mosque capacity for 500 people.